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With this website I hope to answer a few questions about the genus Geranium. I would also like to help you understand these wonderful plants better.
Katrin Lugerbauer
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Tips on cultivation
If you would like to identify a Geranium, this list of the most common cultivars might help you.
If you are looking for new cultivars, then the detailed descriptions of species with 194 species and cultivars might help you (for an overview, click here), or you can try the extensive flower comparisons photo gallery.
Some ideas and inspiration on how to use Geraniums in your garden can be found in the section "companion plants". You could also have a look at pictures of our garden.
This page IS NOT about the genus Pelargonium, which is commonly also called "Geranium"
Pelargoniums are usually NOT hardy and are more likely to be used as summer bedding or container plants.
Geranium and Pelargonium - a common mix up of names
The very common confusion of these two genus names was caused by Linné, who was the first to classify plants in a structured system. He considered both plant genera to be very similar, so he called them all "Pelargonium"
This "mistake" was rectified a few decades later, but it never really disappeared in everyday language. In most languages you can find both genera under just one name.
Geranium thunbergii
The well known English word "cranesbill" refers to the elongated
shape of the seedhead, which can be seen on the above picture of G. thunbergii.

If you would like to contribute to this page: Good pictures of new species / new cultivars or complementary photos are always welcome