George Crumb Trio

Norbert Girlinger




He was born in 1962. Very early on he became interested in piano, flute and conducting, to concentrate more and more on the flute later on. As a consequence he undertook a pedagogical course at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversity in Linz, with the flute as his main interest. He also studied with Prof. Schulz at the Musikhochschule in Vienna and participated in master classes with Aurele Nicolet (Freiburg) and Thomas Pinchof (Melbourne).

Besides invitations as a soloist he mainly works in the field of chamber music, where he uses all kinds of flutes from picolo to octobass. In an attempt to find a new sound he experimented a lot with different materials and, as a result, began to use a cylindrical wooden flute, which, otherwise, is not used nowadays any more. He is presumably unique in the world as all his instruments are exclusively handcrafted in wood.

Since 1989 he has been leading flute classes at the Anton Bruckner - University Linz. CDs, TV and radio recordings, concert tours through Europe and America, and invitations to courses document his musical career.

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